Storing Oil Based Foods

Pancake MIx

I have now replaced this plastic storage container with my handy "Click n Flip" containers available in my online store. These new Click n Flips are food grade and can hold up to 1 gallon of powdered dairy mixes. I've found they're really the perfect solution for many of my pantry foods.

They're also the perfect solution for granola bars, crackers, popcorn packets, and more.

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Meal Planning Basics

Meal Planning is easy when you have a plan. Watch as I walk you through the basics and show you how enjoyable meal planning can be.

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Learn to organize your food, shop effectively, and create your own meal planning calendar.

Meal Planning Calendar

Did you know most families in America eat the same 10 meals over and over again? Sounds boring, doesn't it? Why not break the cycle, and learn how to create over 90 delicious and nutritious meals with the system I'm about to show you.

I'd love to share my 90 Favorite Dinner Ideas with you...

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Powdered Milk

Learning to implement your powdered milk into your everyday foods is simple when you premix it and store it in the refrigerator. Make smoothies, pancakes, and other foods with ease, and enjoy the convenience of this Turbo pitcher when mixing up your powdered milk.

I love to use the turbo pitcher when making yogurt, mixing juices, and making teas.

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