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Create a Mini Office in Your Kitchen

If living clutter free sounds like a dream to you, well, then let's get started. Most of us find that the kitchen is the hub of the home, and often times it's where all the clutter accumulates as well. So how do you conquer the clutter? Start by organizing a simple "Everyday File", a home for all of your incoming bills, invitations, school work, taxes, and more. No need for fancy organizer containers.

Remember, simple is best, and chances are you may already have containers in your home that could work just fine. Everyone's needs are unique, and each file will look different, but here's how I set mine up:
New Recipes Great Ideas Financial: Receipts, Paid Bills, Coupons Calendar Items Tax Write Offs "To be Filed" Family Files

A tip: Only pick up your mail when you have time to sort through it, throwing away the junk mail, and then filing or managing your other mail as needed. Getting rid of counter clutter just feels great, and don't forget your "junk drawer"! That can be organized as well. Here are some suggestions:
Office supplies like pens, pencils, tapes, glues, staples, paperclips, highlighters, scissors First Aid supplies Basic house hold tools: nails, screws, hammer, measuring tape, tweezers Stationary and mailing supplies Remote Controls A place for loose change

Inside my cupboard door, I like to hang a key rack for all my spare keys so I don't have to sift through a drawer full of unmarked keys guessing which is which.

Also remember that bundling cords into ziploc bags and then labeling them makes it much easier to find the cords you're looking for.

Creating a small office in your kitchen can really be the answer to better organization, and with everything you need at your fingertips, you'll enjoy the "hidden convenience."

For more practical ideas on organizing all of the areas in your home, check out my book
Simply Living Smart...Everyday Solutions for a more Organized You!

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