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Get to Know Your Wheat

Wheat is just wheat! Or is it?

Let's look a little closer. You've probably heard the terms "winter wheat", "spring wheat", "hard wheat", "soft wheat", but what do they really mean? Well, let's start with Hard Wheat. Hard wheat is the best kind for long term storage. Choose from hard red or hard white wheat; both have equal nutritional values, but the white has a lighter texture when ground. Soft wheat is the wheat of choice for pastry chefs, and has a shorter shelf life than hard wheat, due to its moisture content. Durum wheat is the hardest of the wheats and is ideal for making pasta.

Now Spring and Winter simply indicates when the wheat was harvested, and really has no bearing on the quality of your wheat. Be sure when investing in wheat that you check the protein content, as this is very important in baking. A high protein level gives you a lovely elasticity in your bread. 11-14% protein is ideal.

And that's wheat in a nutshell! CLICK HERE for great Wheat Recipes and tips.

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