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Master Grocery List...A Time Saver

Let's be honest--the last place we like to spend our time is combing the aisles in the grocery store, right? And what's worse is having to run to the store everyday just for that one ingredient we're missing for dinner (which ends up ultimately being 3 or 4 extra things we didn't really need after all!) Well, this idea on creating a Master List is one thing that really helps me get in, get out, and get home, and limits the trips I take to the grocery store during the week, and it could help you to!

Simply copy off a dozen or so at a time so that you always have a fresh list to work with. When you run out of something, circle that item. If you need to add something extra, just pencil it in. Here are the categories I use:
Dairy, Breads, Frozen Foods, Produce, Baking Items, Cleaning Supplies, Personal Hygiene, Deli & Meats, Canned Foods & Condiments.

Give this a try and see how efficient your grocery shopping can be!

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