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Artisan & Variety Breads in YOUR Kitchen!

Would you like to know more about 
Artisan & Variety Breads and how
 you can enjoy them everyday in 
YOUR kitchen?

Did you know you can actually 

dehydrate your sourdough start, 
and share it with someone you love 
who lives far away? Ingenious!

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Make Your Own Sourdough Starter today! Here's the recipe...

Sourdough Starter
   2 cups flour                                                  3 Tbsp. sugar
   1 tbsp. yeast                                                  ½ tsp. salt
   2 cups warm water

In a 4-6 cup plastic or glass container or large bowl, combine all the ingredients. Beat with a plastic or wooden spoon.  Fermentation will dissolve small lumps.  Cover with a lid, plastic wrap, or cloth (with vent holes to allow starter to breathe.  Set in a warm place free from drafts (85 degrees).  Let ferment 2-3 days.  Stir mixture several times each day.  Then refrigerate. To replenish the start, add equal amounts of flour and water to the bowl, mix slightly, then cover again and allow to sit on the countertop 2 more days, repeating the same process.

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