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How to Continue...

2 weeks ago, we talked about taking a 30 day challenge, and how to get started making a simple list of food items your family consumes in a month.

You may be asking yourself, "Well, how would I store fresh avocado or lettuce?" Great question!
By looking at ways to substitute fresh for dried or freeze dried foods, you're already onto step 2...

Step 2 of this challenge is to find fresh foods in your menu plan that can be substituted for dehydrated or freeze dried foods, for example, if your recipe calls for fresh celery, then be sure to add freeze dried celery to your list of items you plan to store in your food storage.
If your recipe calls for fresh milk, be sure to add dehydrated milk to your list of things to store. Don't forget the canned foods and frozen foods. They're important too!

Think of all of the substitutes you could make to your recipes: fresh chicken for freeze dried chicken, freshly grated cheddar cheese for freeze dried cheddar cheese, fresh apples for freeze dried apple slices, and so forth.

Looking for a way to purchase these items? We've got them all! CLICK HERE.

Try incorporating at least 1 food storage item to your daily meal routine, and see how practice makes perfect!

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