Where To Begin...The 30 Day Challenge

If part of your New Year's Resolution is getting a better a handle on your food storage, then we'd like to help you!

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Here's a good first step in planning what to store for your family without becoming overwhelmed with buckets of wheat and bins of rice. Let's start simple...

  1. Make a list of the items you use for one entire month. This includes all fresh and frozen foods, condiments, spices, boxed foods, canned foods, and drinks.
  2. During this first month, keep track of how much of each of these items your family uses. For example, 2 cans of corn, 1 bottle of ketchup, 4 lbs. of pasta, etc.
  3. During this first month, make a list of the things you wish you had, but ended up having to go buy at the store. This will give you a good idea of the things you should have on hand at all times.
  4. Make a list of 10 meals your family enjoys eating regularly. Write down all of the ingredients that are needed to make those 10 meals. Add those to your list of items for your food storage.

Great! Now you're ready to store all the basics!

By looking over the list that you've made through the month of January, you'll have a pretty good idea what your family consumes in a one month period. Now the challenge...Make that your first food storage goal for the year. Stock up on a 3-month, 6-month, or 1-year supply of all of those items on your list. When that's finished, we'll move to step 2--an expanded food storage supply.

Congratulations! You're on your way to a food storage program tailored just for your family.

Questions or comments? We'd love to see how you're doing, so be sure to share!

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