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5 Easy Ways to Avoid Stress in Your Pantry...

If you're an organization junkie, and enjoy looking at before and after pictures, then you'll love this 12 minute video clip of my latest pantry organization project. I'll take you through the spaces and places of a walk in pantry that is every organizer's dream!

Learn 5 easy ways to avoid stress in your pantry...

  1. Group like items together
  2. Use matching food grade containers
  3. Label everything!
  4. Tilt items at angles for better vision
  5. Make your spices user-friendly
Here we go!

Click n Flip containers are exclusive to Simply Living Smart, and are the perfect gallon-size container for storing cereal and drink packets, mac n cheese, granola bars, microwave popcorn, snacks, jellos, seasoning packets, and more.

Gallon Size Containers are perfect for cereals, pastas, grains, flour, sugar and more.

1/2 Gallon Size Containers are ideal for beans, popcorn, chocolate chips, brown and powdered sugars, rice blends, and more.

32 oz. Size Containers are super for nuts, seeds, dried fruits, etc.

Our 4 oz. Glass Spice Jars are the perfect addition to your kitchen, and fit nicely in a kitchen drawer. Glass helps to retain the flavor and color of your spices, and makes it easy to keep everything uniform. How nice!

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