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Hamburger Soup

by Lorie Thomsen, one of our fans here at Simply Living Smart. Thank You!

(Adapted for food storage ingredients)

Dissolve 6 beef bouillon cubes or granules (or 5 teaspoons Better Than Bouillon)

In 5 cups hot water


1 - 16 oz can tomatoes or 1 quart home bottled tomatoes

1 large onion chopped or 2 Tablespoons dehydrated or freeze dried onions

2 sliced carrots or 2 Tablespoons dehydrated or freeze dried carrots

¾ cup diced celery or ¼ cup dehydrated or freeze dried celery

1 or 2 small peeled potatoes or ½ cup dehydrated or freeze dried potatoes or ¼ cup macaroni or spaghetti pieces

Cover and simmer over low for at least 15 minutes or until vegetables are done.

While soup simmers:

Brown ½ pound hamburger until done. Or use ½ can canned hamburger .

Add the cooked or canned hamburger to the soup and any of the following as desired:

½ cup fresh or canned string beans, ¼ cup frozen, fresh corn or canned corn or any leftover vegetables you have.**

Salt & Pepper to taste

Warm another 10 minutes. Serve with homemade bread or crusty French bread.

*To remove fat from canned put meat in a colander and run hot water over it.

**If using any fresh vegetables from your garden, add at the beginning.

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