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The Healthy Scoop on Coconut Oil...

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Curious about Coconut Oil? You'll be amazed at all the health benefits that come from consuming regular doses of Coconut Oil. It's easy! Add it to oatmeal, use it in your baking, and learn how many physical ailments Coconut oil can cure!
Talk about the perfect food storage solution for fats...Coconut Oil has a much longer shelf life than any other oil, butter, or shortening.
Want to get started feeling better right away?

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Looking for more sources on Coconut Oil? Check out Dr. Fife's Books:
Coconut Cures, The Coconut Oil Miracle, Eat Fat Look Thin and the Coconut Lovers Cookbook. Also Good Calories Bad Calories by Gary Taubes is about the truth behind fats and Cholesterol.

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