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This Week's Smart Buy...4-in-1 Hand Tool

  • Dig out of a disaster
  • Pry open doors
  • Shut off your gas
  • Shut off your water

...All with this 4-in-1 Emergency Tool. Here's what people are saying..

"Joined CERT this year and wanted to get this for my emergency preparedness backpack. Good quality, light weight. Recommended by other CERT members."

"I went to the hardware stores to find an item like this one. The ones they had didn't fit my gas meter correctly. As soon as I received this, I went to see if it would fit both the water and gas lines. It does the job. I hope I don't have to use this, but in case of an emergency at least I will have this handy. It won't spark and it also has a hook to help you lift off the water meter cover. Highly Recommend."

This week enjoy free shipping on this tool. CLICK HERE to order.

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