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Become a Fan Of Essential Oils...

Last weekend we held an online class on the Health Benefits of Essential Oils. 

Our guest, Linda Turner gave us some great tips on not only using Essential Oils, but how amazing they are in everyday healing and health.

After our online interview, I was so excited to learn more (I've been a fan for a while!)that I just had to make these available to you, my friends of Simply Living Smart.


This week, we're featuring 3 of my favorite Essential Oils from DoTerra--Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint. These are so versatile, and I use them everyday in my cooking, my cleaning supplies, and just to feel invigorated!

Hope you'll enjoy this Intro Kit as well, which includes a great CD, Free shipping, and the 3 Essential Oils I mentioned.

Need a review on our online class? Click on the video below to catch all the tips!

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