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Shutting off Your Gas...

It may become necessary in an emergency to shut off your gas supply. 

Do you know how to do it? Do you have the Best 3-in-1 Safety Tool

Can you rely on your children to use it if you're not at home?

Step 3 to making home safer is to know not only where the shut off valves are to your gas supply, but also to each appliance inside the home.

After watching this video, take the following challenge:

  1. Purchase a gas shut off tool, and hang it where it's easily accessible to you. If private, hang it right next to the gas shut off valve.
  2. Locate each shut off to appliances in your home.
  3. Make sure each family member understands shut off procedures. 
  4. For more detailed information on turning off your gas, and other disaster safety, read this article.

Congratulations! You've taken one more step in securing a safer home in an emergency. Watch for more articles and links in the coming days.

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