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6 Questions You Should Already Know The Answer To...

1. Do You Have An Adequate Water Supply?

We all know how crucial water is in an emergency. It is the first thing to be cleared off the grocery store shelves, and it is imperative for survival.
Do you have ample water storage? Is it portable in case you need to leave your home? It is recommended that you have on hand 2 gallons of water per person per day. Are you ready?
Do you have water filter bottles for each member of your family, in case you have to purify your water on the go?

2. Do You Have Emergency Supplies In Your Car?

Millions of people are being evacuated at this very moment, and chances are there are some without Emergency Car Kits.
Basic first aid items, flares, heat, boots, shovel, generators, food, cash, and water...these are all vital to ensure best chance of survival when you're on the move.
Click the link above to see how to prepare your own Emergency Car Kit, and get started right away, whether you're on the East Coast, or comfortably sitting in your living room in Idaho!

3. Do You Have Extra Food?

Whether you're sheltering in place or have been ordered to evacuate, hopefully you have plenty of food on hand to supply energy, and I mean high calorie, sustainable food.

If you've never experienced a food shortage, you've never known what true panic really is...running into a grocery store, just to see that everyone is pulling whatever is left on the shelves in a panic!

No need to be panicked if you've planned ahead. Stay calm, know your plan, stock your shelves early.

Learn how to make your own Bug Out Food Buckets.

4. Do You Have Extra Meds?

Before you ever get to the point you need to evacuate, please visit with your doctor, and make sure you have a back up of your medications. A 3 month supply is ideal. Too often some of the things that are the most overlooked, are the things we need the most.

If you or someone you love uses a CPAP machine, be sure you have a back up power source. The Goal Zero Battery Pack is portable, light, and will power up all electronics, CPAP machines.

5. Can You Grab Your Important Documents in Seconds?

If you had just 20 minutes to evacuate, would you be able to pull together all of your important documents, identification, insurance records, etc? 

Find out how the Grab n Go Binder could be a life saver for you.

6. Do You Adequate Fuel for Cooking & Staying Warm?

With all the options out there, find 2 that work for you. Practice using them throughout the year so that you are familiar with how they work.

My favorites for emergency cooking? The Global Sun Oven, and the Butane Stove.
Both are portable, and require either no fuel, or very little. They're compact, and easy to carry, and I feel comfortable using them in any type of weather.

My favorites for emergency heat? If I'm staying home, I make sure I have lots of firewood for my wood burning stove. If I was asked to evacuate, thinsulate clothing is ideal, as well as sub zero sleeping bags. Try reflective blankets. Wool blankets are great and herbal or ginger tea is a must to keep your insides warm. No worries! You'll have your butane stove to boil water!

Listen, anything you can do to prepare will put you at an advantage. It may not be Sandy or Irene, but we must be ready for our storms!

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