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Meet Anitra

My name is Anitra Kerr. I am a wife, mother, and published author.

I am passionate about helping others catch the vision of what it truly means to be empowered through learning.

I enjoy cooking, organizing, reading, playing music and spending time with my family. I am blessed to be surrounded and associated with people who have great energy and a love for life. I love teaching concepts of Simply Living Smart.

Studio 5 Appearance on NBC

Since 2006, my mission has been to teach people all over the world how to live simpler and smarter lives thru healthy eating and organization. Living simpler and smarter leads to a healthier and less stressful life. Plus, learning how to use your food storage in your daily living saves money!

So far, mission accomplished with over 8,000 trained! But, I have only just begun...

Interview With Channel 5 KSL on How to Save Money With Food Storage

What sets us apart from any other site, is that I take you right into my kitchen and give you all the support and resources you are going to need to succeed!

We have produced over 100 training videos with more coming in every month...not to mention live classes, recipes, FAQ's, books, transcripts, the community, forum and more all the time.

Join me today as we help one another live simpler, smarter and happier.